Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap promotes an informed and engaged public discourse on U.S. and global foreign policy challenges and solutions. We offer trainings for academics and advocate for the pursuit of policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work. Bridging the Gap simultaneously engages policymakers in the work of political scientists and scholars of international relations. Supported largely by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and housed at the School of International Service at American University, Bridging the Gap is a nonpartisan organization. We maintain a core belief that responsible global engagement should be systematically proactive, seeking both to understand significant medium- and long-term global challenges, and to influence strategically how such trends affect U.S. interests and those of the rest of the world.

While the gap between the policymaking community and much of the leading academic scholarship in political science and international relations has existed for decades, in recent years organized efforts have attempted to bridge the gap to provide the policymaking community with practical recommendations to global challenges. Bridging the Gap serves this larger effort through professional development and networking opportunities for scholars interested in pursuing policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work and by advocating for this research within academia.

Our Mission:

  • Train, develop and mentor scholars of all ranks who seek to pursue policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work and connect them with representatives of the defense, intelligence and foreign policy communities
  • Train, develop and mentor doctoral students who seek to pursue policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work or pursue careers in the policymaking world
  • Create opportunities for policy-relevant scholarship, including through the Bridging the Gap Series with Oxford University Press
  • Connect the Bridging the Gap Network with representatives of the policymaking community and other policy influencers
  • Advocate on behalf of policy-relevant scholarship within academia