Andrew Yeo
2016, BTG Fellow
Associate Professor of Politics, The Catholic University of America



Andrew I. Yeo is Associate Professor of Politics at the Catholic University of America and the author of Activists, Alliances, and Anti-U.S. Base Protests (Cambridge University Press, 2011). His broad interests lie at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics. He conducts research and teaches courses on topics including international relations theory, Asian security, overseas U.S. military presence, social movements and transnational politics, East Asia, and North Korea. He is currently working on a book-length project which traces the evolution of U.S. bilateral alliances and multilateralism in East Asia. His other works have appeared in Comparative Politics, International Studies Quarterly, Peace Review, International Journal of Peace Studies, Journal of East Asian Studies, and The Diplomat.  Professor Yeo is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the recipient of Catholic University’s Young Faculty Award for Achievement for Research in 2013. He received his PhD in Government from Cornell University and his BA magna cum laude from Northwestern University in Psychology and International Studies.


East Asia and the Pacific, Foreign Policy, Defense Policy and Military Strategy