Brandon Valeriano
2015, IPSI
Reader in International Relations, Cardiff University



Brandon Valeriano (Ph.D. Vanderbilt University) has published dozens of articles and book chapters in such outlets as the Journal of Politics, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Peace Research, and International Studies Review. His two most recent books are Cyber War versus Cyber Reality at Oxford University Press (2015) and Russian Coercive Diplomacy at Palgrave (2015) with two Foreign Affairs pieces summarizing the works entitled “The Coming Cyberpeace” and “Paper Tiger Putin.” Ongoing research explores cyber coercion, external threats and video games, and arms races and arms control in cyberspace. Dr. Valeriano has written opinion and popular media pieces for such outlets as Washington Post, Slate, Foreign Affairs, Business Insider, and War on the Rocks.


Cyber, Aid, Development and Peacebuilding, Defense Policy and Military Strategy, Europe and Eurasia