Carly Wayne
2016, NEFP
PhD Candidate, University of Michigan



Carly Wayne is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Michigan. Her research interests lie at the intersection of security studies, modern warfare, terrorism and the psychology of political violence. Specifically, she is interested in exploring the strategic and psychological dimensions of non-conventional warfare, terrorism in particular. The fundamental question that drives her dissertation research is: why do powerful governments react so strongly to attacks by terrorist groups that appear to pose little to no existential threat to the state? Her research integrates findings from the study of emotions and cognition with insights derived from bargaining models of war in order to elucidate the strategic interaction between terrorists and the civilian populations they target, exploring the ways in which terrorist groups attempt to strategically manipulate distinct emotional and political responses among civilian populations. Carly also studies the behavioral micro-foundations of states’ diplomatic and military policies, investigating the impact of cognitive, emotional and motivational phenomena on leaders’ crisis decision making.


Terrorism and Radicalization, Foreign Policy, Conflict