Edward Lucas
2013, NEFP
PhD Candidate, School of International Service, American University


Edward Lucas is an adjunct instructor in the School of International Service. He also works as a researcher at the RAND Corporation’s National Defense Research Institute and is a Minerva Research Fellow at the Marine Corps University. Prior to entering academia, he served for ten years as a maritime operations officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. Edward received a BA in History from the Royal Military College of Canada and a Masters in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London. He is currently completing his PhD at American University, examining the role Great Powers play suppressing maritime piracy. Edward’s articles and reviews have appeared in a number of venues, including the Journal of Strategic Security, the Naval War College Review, and Jane’s Defense Weekly. He is the co-author of a forthcoming RAND Corporation report examining U.S. aircraft carrier procurement. Edward has received grants, scholarships, and awards from the Cosmos Club Foundation, the Canadian Department of National Defense, and American University. In 2015 Edward received the William C. Olson Award for Outstanding Teaching by a PhD Student in the School of International Service.


Maritime Security, Piracy, Military Operations, International Conflict

Selected Scholarly Publications