Omar Bashir
2015, NEFP
Associate, Financial Integrity Network



Omar S. Bashir recently completed his Ph.D. in Politics at Princeton and now works at the Financial Integrity Network in Washington, D.C., where he contributes research on U.S., EU, and UN economic sanctions. His academic research includes projects on energy rivalry, power & interdependence, crisis signaling, Islamism & Pakistani foreign policy, and vote buying at the UN Security Council. He has published in the fields of engineering, international relations, and American politics. Omar has also written for wider audiences at Foreign Affairs, Slate, and The Monkey Cage. Before attending Princeton, he studied Aeronautics & Astronautics at MIT (B.S., M.S.) and international relations at Oxford (M.Phil.), where his thesis was awarded Distinction. He has teaching experience in human rights, theories of international relations, and statistics.


Trade and International Finance, Energy and Environment, Foreign Policy, South and Central Asia