Stefano Recchia
2015, IPSI
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Relations, University of Cambridge



Stefano Recchia (pronounced: /stɛ́fəno /rɛ́kiə/) teaches international relations and security studies at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD from Columbia University (awarded with distinction) and has held fellowships at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and the Brookings Institution. His research focuses on military intervention decision making, civil-military relations, and applied international ethics. His monograph, Reassuring the Reluctant Warriors: US Civil-Military Relations and Multilateral Intervention, was published in 2015 with the Cornell Studies in Security Affairs book series. The book develops a new explanation of when and why the United States seeks multilateral approval from the UN or NATO for planned military interventions. Drawing on declassified documents and about 100 interviews with senior US officials, Recchia argues that America’s top-ranking generals– as reluctant warriors who value international burden sharing and the potential exit ramp that a handoff to NATO and the UN can provide – play an underappreciated role in steering US intervention policy toward these multilateral bodies. Recchia is fluent in five languages: German, Italian, French, and Spanish, in addition to English.


Human Rights and Democracy Promotion, Defense Policy and Military Strategy, Foreign Policy