Bridging the Gap Book Series

Oxford University Press Series Editors

James Goldgeier

Bruce W. Jentleson

Steven Weber

Supporting scholars to publish leading policy-relevant research in international politics

Bridging the Gap and Oxford University Press, considered among the most prestigious university presses worldwide, have partnered in creating the Bridging the Gap Book Series. The Bridging the Gap Series publishes manuscripts that are written to engage both academic and policy audiences, and make significant contributions to debates in both communities.

This means that Bridging the Gap books typically will address a relevant policy problem using scholarly research tools and methods. The policy issue should help frame the formulation of the central research question, be integral to the analytic framework that structures the book, and be addressed prescriptively with at least some degree of specificity.

The Bridging the Gap series editors seek single- or dual-authored manuscripts (edited volumes are in general not suitable for the series). We are particularly interested in books that address leading contemporary global challenges and do so with theoretically grounded policy recommendations that are accessible to  audiences beyond academic subfields in political science and other disciplines. To reach these multiple audiences effectively, we look for writing that is concise, precise, and free of unnecessary specialist jargon.

While prospective authors are welcome to reach out to the series editors to discuss their book plans, formal decisions on book manuscripts must occur through the prospectus submission process outlined below.


The Bridging the Gap Series at Oxford University Press (OUP) welcomes submissions of book prospectuses on policy-relevant subjects within the core areas of political science, international relations, law and public policy.

Prospective authors are invited to submit the following materials:

1.  Cover letter

  • Prospective authors who are approaching multiple publishers simultaneously on their proposed manuscript are asked to share this in their cover letter.

2.  Prospectus (unbound and double-spaced), featuring

  • Detailed statement outlining the proposed manuscript’s arguments, themes, significance to the field of study, and significance to the policymaking community;
  • Annotated table of contents that outlines the content and structure of each chapter;
  • Assessment of the proposed manuscript’s fit with existing literature, including a comparison with published books on the subject;
  • Explanation of the intended audience and market for the book, with particular attention to the policymaking community;
  • Explanation of the anticipated length of the proposed manuscript, to include plans for tables, figures, or other illustrations; and
  • Explanation of a schedule for completion.

3.  Sample chapters, if available (unbound and double-spaced)

4.  CV or résumé


Electronic submissions should be sent to:

Hard copy submissions should be sent to:

James M. Goldgeier
Bridging the Gap
School of International Service
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8071

Review Process

Decision times regarding evaluation of proposals can vary from as little as a few weeks to several months.

Should the series editors in consultation with editors at Oxford University Press feel the proposed manuscript is an appropriate fit for the Bridging the Gap series, the series editors will inform and provide guidance to prospective authors as they complete the manuscript for review by Oxford University Press. A complete manuscript will be evaluated by external peer reviewers and ultimately must be approved by the OUP Editorial Board.