Bridging the Gap Programs

Bridging the Gap offers a number of professional development programs for students and faculty. Please see each program’s page for more details on when and how to apply.

Professional Development Opportunities

International Policy Summer Institute (IPSI)

IPSI is an annual five-day workshop held in June for faculty and post-doctoral scholars in the areas of political science and international affairs who are pursuing policy-relevant research and interested in engaging more with the policy process. Participants are introduced to the foreign policy process in Washington through sessions that explore the interagency process, the role of the intelligence community, Congress and other avenues through which U.S. foreign policy is developed and carried out. Guest speakers from House and Senate committees, executive branch agencies (including USTR, NSC, DOD), and the Intelligence community advise participants on how to communicate research to different audiences in Washington and beyond. Participants undergo intense media training to hone their oral and written communication skills for greater public engagement.

New Era Workshop (NEW)

NEW is an annual two-day workshop for political science doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows. Through complex scenario exercises, participants assess the United States’ medium-term foreign policy challenges and opportunities; critically examine the macro-level goals that underpin American foreign policy; develop research questions to link theory and practice; and identify strategies and policies to help solve policy problems. Participants are joined by policy experts from various institutions in Washington, including government agencies, think tanks and academic publishing outlets. In addition, participants receive professional development training on how to write for policy audiences, how to organize conference panels, and other related topics.

Policy Engagement Fellowship

Our Policy Engagement Fellowship, launched in 2017, is open to all individuals working on policy relevant research topics, with particular encouragement for alumni of Bridging the Gap programs to apply. This fellowship contributes to Bridging the Gap’s objective of training and supporting scholars undertaking theoretically informed policy-relevant research and engaging with the policy-making community.

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