International Policy Summer Institute

International Policy Summer Institute (Professors and Post-docs)

Date: Sunday, June 4, 2017 – Thursday, June 8, 2017
Location: School of International Service at American University
Application Deadline: Applications are now closed. 

IPSI is a weeklong professional development program for professors (all ranks) and post-docs in the field of international affairs who want to build the tools and networks to produce and disseminate policy-relevant academic research.

The Institute delivers an intensive curriculum designed to teach participants how to develop and articulate their research for a policy audience, what policy-makers are looking for when they look to IR scholarship, whom to target when sharing research, and which tools and avenues of dissemination are appropriate. IPSI also provides a forum for scholars to develop professional networks with their colleagues and with the broader policy community.

Sessions are facilitated by senior faculty and are held in various formats, including:

  • Workshops with executive branch and congressional policymakers, interest groups, NGOs, academics, and think tank researchers, focusing on policy processes and the roles that academic research can play within them
  • Colloquia with international affairs scholars who have successfully engaged in policy debates
  • Interactive communications and media training, including discussions with publishers, journalists, and new media experts
  • Hands-on workshops to develop dissemination and influence strategies, using live research material
  • Network-building opportunities with policy-makers and fellow scholars