Blue slips sink ships (no more): GOP gives pink slip to most important blue slip. New @monkeycageblog post on what…… Retweeted by

Btw, appearing on @SkyNewsAust made me so grateful for having done media training with .@BtGProjectDC Retweeted by

My paper on rebel governance is now available in @IntOrgJournal. So thrilled to finally see this in print.… Retweeted by

If we discourage young talent from going into diplomacy by gutting State and from getting advanced degrees by taxin…… Retweeted by

Learning about US & Russian approaches to global economy & trade fr @dandrezner Naazaneen Barma & Andrey Baykov.…… Retweeted by

Can other actors lead if the Trump Administration will not? My take on the climate negotiations in Bonn in…… Retweeted by

What did we learn from Trump’s Asia tour? My latest @monkeycageblog:… Retweeted by

If you decide to get your PhD in poli/sci IR after answering @MicahZenko questions make sure you apply to…… Retweeted by

#Asia experts (including me!) give #Trump's 12-day tour mixed reviews… Retweeted by

Looking forward to discussing the situation in Venezuela with @helenachumphrey of @dw_business in just a few minute…… Retweeted by

Today marks one year without Gwen. We miss her every day. #RememberingGwen Retweeted by

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Trying to figure out if IPSI or New Era is the right program for you? Use our handy graphic for the answer:……

My new book cover is out! Book soon to follow. Global Governance and Local Peace: Accountability and Performance in…… Retweeted by

Apply for BtG’s New Era Workshop for PhD students and post-docs today! Deadline is Dec 8!

@cldaymon @BtGProjectDC PhD students who want to do policy-relevant work should apply for the New Era Workshop by D…… Retweeted by

Sobering thoughts from @busbyj2 on the climate regime from the front lines at Bonn… Retweeted by

Time once again to re-up @JimGoldgeier @monkeycageblog piece from July about just how far off the usual GOP line on…… Retweeted by

My take on Trump's tweet: The US strategy of "maximum pressure and engagement" requires the credible promise of a f…… Retweeted by

Federal disaster aid for Puerto Rico isn’t foreign aid — but Trump acts that way - The Washington Post… Retweeted by

It's even more embarrassing to send this guy overseas than it is to have him here at home Retweeted by

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