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BTG fellow @jumacdo and NEFP alum Jaquelyn Schneider: Views from the Ground on the A-10 Debate warontherocks.com/2016/03/views-… via @warontherocks

BTG is excited to be promoting our work and our alumni at #ISA2016. If you are in ATL come say hi! pic.twitter.com/8PR4mqBhGB

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@ELforeignpolicy offers advice to get published - before submitting an op-Ed - print, take a red pen, and edit pic.twitter.com/gEYJW5Hups

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NEFP participants with @aschmemann & @EvansRyan202 discuss writing for a policy audience pic.twitter.com/3xLg7pmaa5

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NEFP Conference Day 2: What research questions did our scenario analysis bring to light? pic.twitter.com/lXr0qxzFIs

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BTG fellow @RachelWhitlark leads our NEFP participants through our scenario "shock"! pic.twitter.com/vD6pLb5C5J

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Bridging the Gap promotes an informed and engaged public discourse on U.S. and global foreign policy challenges and solutions through trainings and advocating for academics to pursue policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work. Bridging the Gap simultaneously engages policymakers in the work of political scientists and scholars of international relations.

Despite the criticism, the truth is that in 2015, the old policy of hostility to Cuba brings no benefits and real costs...

- Tom Long
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  • Congratulations to BTG directors Naazneen Barma and Brent Durbin, along with BTG fellows Eric Lorber and Rachel Whitlark for their work and recent publication of “Imagine a World in Which” in International Studies Perspective (ISP). The article discusses the use of scenario analysis as a method for generating and developing innovative research ideas and showcases how it has been invaluable to participants during BTG’s New Era Foreign Policy Conference.

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These institutes are designed to train, develop and mentor scholars who seek to pursue policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work. The New Era Foreign Policy Conference (NEFP) is open to doctoral students and recent PhDs and is held at American University. The International Policy Summer Institute (IPSI) is open to professors of all ranks and post-docs and is held at American University. Applications for both institutes open in the fall.