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@MiraRappHooper argues we should worry about subversion of FP-making process. Makes it harder for outside and inside voices to be heard

If we took "stability" out of the foreign policy lexicon, we'd be left with counterintuitive arguments - @BtGProjectDC Director Steve Weber

@EvansRyan202 highlights the importance of knowing the limitations of academic training in engaging with the policy… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

About Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap promotes an informed and engaged public discourse on U.S. and global foreign policy challenges and solutions. We offer training and advocate for academics to pursue policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work. Bridging the Gap simultaneously engages policymakers in the work of political scientists and scholars of international relations.

Experienced advisers don’t make up for an inexperienced president — leaders need their own foreign-policy experience...

- Elizabeth N. Saunders
Bridging the Gap Professional Development Institutes

Our institutes are designed to train, develop and mentor scholars who seek to pursue policy-relevant research and theoretically grounded policy work. The New Era Foreign Policy Conference (NEFP) is open to doctoral students and recent PhDs and is held in March. The International Policy Summer Institute (IPSI) is open to professors of all ranks and post-docs and is held at American University in June.